The Box Provides Flexible Services For Businesses in Dubai

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-06-23
Running a business in Dubai is a job which is tough enough to begin with; then come in the issues with fluctuating rentals which lead to offices getting cluttered and cramped, lowering productivity and even team morale. Offices end up looking like warehouses with company flyers and documents piling up all over the office premises leading to chaos and confusion when it comes to finding a single record. A simple solution is to take up a commercial storage space with The Box. Unlike other moving and storage companies in Dubai, The Box provides its clients with flexible commercial storage solutions, allowing them to do more with their office space. Commercial storage at The Box works in many different ways providing solutions that are unheard of in the Middle East. To begin with The Box's commercial storage facilities come in units with different sizes allowing a customer to pick and choose only what they need rather than hiring a standard sized space. This helps in reducing costs. This space or unit can be used for multiple purposes like for storing old documents, promotional material, old office furniture, outdated hardware all of which usually takes up a lot of non-productive office space. Such a space can be used to accommodate more employees or an added division which will make the rental space more productive for the business. Document storage and archiving is another service that The Box's clients can avail of. Such a service can help businesses organize documents and records including audits and store them at a secure facility outside their offices saving valuable space. This is more beneficial in the case of old sensitive records and documents which need to be stored in climate-controlled facilities ensuring their long life. Such documents are scanned by The Box and can be accessed when required either online or delivered to the office premises when needed. Inventory management is another service which works by way of picking, packaging and fulfilling a customer's goods directly to their clients, distributors or end-users. Simply state the business model that your company follows and after registration, will track information about stock levels and regularly report requirements. Managing inventory in any business is a tedious task and The Box with its services helps out by a huge margin by taking the load of their customer's shoulders. The Box's 'concierge service' is unique just like its customer's requirements. Apart from receiving shipments on behalf of the customer, The Box coordinates between their suppliers and vendors and deals with them on behalf their customers. The Box thus provides one of the most flexible and comprehensive services when it comes to commercial storage in Dubai. To know more about them or their long list of services, kindly visit them online at:
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