The characteristics of self-reliance bags and future opportunities

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-01
With the rapid development of packaging industry in our country, and indirectly caused a lot of environmental problems, that is self-reliance bags full into environmental protection industry for packaging industry to win a second great opportunity of development, business planning and strategy as soon as possible, is expected to keep the industry competitiveness in the future. Increasingly in the current packaging waste, packaging recycling technology has been preliminary mature, national solid waste is put forward in the direction of reduction, harmless and recycling treatment condiment packaging conditions, investment in packaging waste recycling is not only feasible, but also promote the development of packaging industry. On the one hand, this conforms to the country's sustainable development strategy, the strengthening of environmental protection, solved the trouble back at home of packaging industry development, also opened up a new economic growth point for it. Into environmental protection industry, on the other hand, can be cheap source of raw materials for packaging industry development, reduce the original cost of production, has economic benefits and ecological benefits. Extremely rich in substance era, the packing is endowed with new era of content, packaging not only to play the role of a host, but also its seal save, extend the freshness, in addition the packing of goods to play the role of a decoration and beautification, the sales and brand image points for this role. Packing type is change accordingly, in the form of more and more innovative packaging appear on the market, enrich the packaging market. Self-reliance bags, as a kind of novel plastic flexible packaging, it relies on its different from other small and exquisite packaging container, packaging effect is good, novel and interesting, but fold, recycling and many other advantages to stand out in the packaging market, self-reliance bag by 3-side evolved from a bottom can stand flexible packaging bags, it has a variety of packaging form, gallas chains can also add straw, due to the independence is supporting structure on the bottom of the bag, so its shelves effect is more outstanding, relative to the cost of eight edge-sealing are much lower. Self-reliance bags in promoting products, portable, preservation and sealing effect, and many other convenient has the advantage, self-supporting bag by PE, PET, YOPP, BOPP, AL and so on the many kinds of composite material structure, and can also increase the protective layer, according to the function use to prolong the preservation effect. Self-reliance bags are widely used in fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, can suck jelly, condiments, etc. , in addition to the widely used in food packaging, also used in cleaning products, daily necessities, cosmetics and other products packaging. Integrated on Syria, self-reliance bag is a kind of novel and interesting, low production cost, best packaging plastic soft packing materials, in recent years, self-supporting bag has gradually replaced the traditional plastic bottles, and other forms of packaging, with its small and exquisite, convenient and easy to carry, novel and interesting packaging such as advantage to stand out in the packaging market, enriched the whole packaging market, to bring convenience and fun at the same time, we live without causing pollution and environmental burden.
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