The difference between the ordinary bags and food packaging

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-20
Believes that many people don't know, on the market and other food packaging bags, what is the difference between the two are actually have many differences. First in terms of raw materials, food packaging bags with food-grade plastic film manufacturing production, the film consists of multilayer composite films, namely we often say that hard plastic, transparent or printing. Secondly in terms of use, food packaging bags to be made on the relevant information, namely, the name of the food, food ingredients, nutrition composition, executive standard, shelf life, storage method, edible method, the manufacturer's information, etc. Food packaging security is a worldwide problem, is our country's food packaging safety standards QS ( QUALITYSAFETY) The abbreviation of, the quality and safety. The dissolution of packaging material is a key to food safety and health, as early as 1980, the world famous food packaging expert CONORRELIY is discussed in the book METALCONTAMINATIONOFFOOD, also has a regulation in the HACCP safety system in recent years. One, the paper. Paper is the oldest and most traditional packaging materials, but it's not safe hidden trouble also nots allow to ignore, the main reason is in the process of paper making must join in pulp chemicals such as anti-seepage agents/sizing agent, filler, The paper is not transparent) , bleach, dyeing agent, etc. Anti-seepage agents mainly adopts rosin soap; Filler used kaolin, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, zinc sulfide, barium sulfate and magnesium silicate; Bleach using oxygen acid calcium, liquid chlorine, hypochlorous acid, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide, etc; Using water-soluble dye and a pigment dye, the former with acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes, the latter are inorganic and organic pigments. Second, the plastic packaging, plastic is the most widely used food packaging materials. Can generally be divided into thermosetting plastics and thermal plasticity of two. The former has a high-intensity urea UF resin, phenolic resin, PF cyanamide resin MF; While the latter includes PVC vinyl chloride resin, PVDC polyvinylidene chloride resin, polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, PS, nylon NY polystyrene, styrene AS styrene resin, ABS resin, polyester resin, such AS PET, PEN, etc. According to the different resin with different additives and production of composite materials used in adhesives, such as TDI, the TDA. 【 Vacuum bag]
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