The Different Advantages of Stretch Wrappers

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-06-23
1.Packaging of the product can be taken as the finishing touch of product development before it is being delivered to the customers door step. In industries and factories stretch wraps plays a big role in the area of packaging. These stretch wrappers are available in various types including stretch netting, stretch banding, and hand as well as machine wrappings. The wrappings are made with the help of manual devices as well as Automatic Stretch Wrappers and Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers. 2.The wrapping procedure only begins only after the user chooses the gauge, width and the colour of the wrap. This article would be elucidating on some of the advantages of choosing stretch wrappers through the following lines: i.Increasing Load stability with reduction in Load Damage: The process of wrapping helps in making the object to be wrapped to be a unit. This process helps in stabilizing the product load and decreasing the damage of the product. Wrapped goods are less likely to be damaged when moved by pitch fork or hauled across a country by a truck. The possibility of damage due to movement is much reduced. ii.Product Protection Amplified: Stretch wrap is one material which helps objects from environmental elements. Anything and everything from UV rays, rain, hail and other environmental hazards cannot be affecting your products while curtailing your losses. iii.Flexibility as a trait: Stacking weird shaped loads won't be a problem anymore. It has to be kept in mind that not every load can be stacked up to be a perfect square. Stretch wrap by its flexible nature would help in shaping the odd shaped products into stackable shapes. iv.Stack Heights increased: keeping the product on a higher level won't be a problem anymore. The use of stretch wrapper can help in stacking products higher by the use of the angle boards. It would also increase your angle space while helping in storing or shipping of your products. v.Improving Inventory Control: It is the sole job of the inventory control to see if the objects and products are in its proper place in any organisation. If the products run haywire over the place, it becomes very difficult and time consuming for the inventory control to keep everything intact. Stretch wrap is one material which helps in reduction of product separation. The material is absolutely scannable thus making it invisible to X-rays. vi.Decreasing Pilferage: Stretch Wrappers are one way to decrease the embezzlement of your products. The whole process of stealing becomes much tedious job for thieves. This material is opaque in nature and would help in concealing the product, not revealing it to other people. vii.Recyclability: This material is highly recyclable as it is made of high quality polyethylene, which has got a huge market value when recycled. Through this environment friendly attitude you can always sell good will to your stake holders. If you are willing to purchase stretch wrappers, have a thorough research online.
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