The Food Packaging Miracle At PVRPV Puerto Vallarta Office

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-06-10
All of you must know by now that Puerto Vallarta has begun a Food Drive which provides food packages to all the families who are in dire need of our support. On 5th of June, 2009 a total of 37 volunteers came to the PVRPV office to show their support and lend a helping hand in order to put together 700 food packages for different families. The food packages included rice, lentils, beans, pasta and bouillon cubes, and these volunteers had to sort the food equally, tie the food packages and then stack them. The food had been moved to the PVRPV's floor upstairs. The amount of food initially was abundant and this task seemed quite difficult but the volunteers were not daunted by their job at hand. As the volunteers were directed to the food area and briefed on their respective assignments, they at once started working. Irrespective of the hot weather, these volunteers, carefully juggled their assignments and packaged the food for the needy families. The volunteers were assembled into a line that began at one end of the room upstairs where the packages were filled up and then handed off to all the people who were on the stairs. The volunteers on the stairs then passed on these packages to the volunteers who were on the bottom floor where these food packages were twisted and tied together. Five packages were made in a go, and then handed off. Soon the magnanimous food pile upstairs was dwindling and the heap of food packages being tied up was increasing. The sweat poured forth from all of the volunteers but it did not make them slow down from their task. Their energy level kept rising and they diligently continued to make the food packages, which in a matter of 37 minutes were completed. Towards the end there was a glow on the face of every volunteer who knew and understood how gratifying it felt to be a part of a journey which brought happiness to a family. It was not a job or a task for the volunteers towards the end, it was a priceless gift that they gave to all those people of Puerto Vallarta who were in need. The distribution for the month of June is now complete and is ready to go to all those who are hungry. The food packaging is starting again for July, where the same amount of food or more may be provided to the deprived. From all the people who donated the food to the people who packaged the food, your constant support will not be forgotten. But remember, this is not the end. All of us together have to 'get through' some critical months that are coming up, just be prepared! Because all of you together can make it happen! PVRPV is looking forward to see the same positive response from the donors which was shown by them during the food program for the month of June. We should put together all our efforts to attract and pull the tourists and vacationers back to this beautiful, romantic and adventurous city of Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta rentals have much to offer for families, visitors, tourists, gays and the retired as well.
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