The vacuum bag packaging instructions!

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-03
Vacuum bag is a kind of people is used in our daily life of the plastic flexible packaging products, with its unique characteristics and advantages, and make a lot of people are satisfied. This kind of bags when use, out of the air inside. To produce the feeling of a kind of approximate vacuum, when the protection of some products and food, has played a large role. First, cut off high vacuum bag through out most of the air inside it, produce a kind of high barrier properties, and reached to such as oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, smell, etc, the effect of the high separation makes it should be in the process of concrete use, the effect of isolation outside harmful interference factors, play a role. Second, the performance is stable because the vacuum bag with some high temperature resistant, with good quality, preservation, smell, etc, to ensure that the characteristics of stable performance. In concrete or food packaging products, will make the product or food is not easy metamorphism or degeneration. Third, the cost is very low because of the production, you just need to pull out the air, so at the time of manufacture, required cost is not high, so most people can afford. 【 Aluminum foil bag]
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