Vacuum food packaging than the ordinary food packages with superiority

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-02
Food packaging not only the staple food packaging materials, is also the fusi food packaging materials, such as the ubiquitous kimchi. Kimchi is a famous pickles, such as China sichuan pickle, kimchi, and so on. South Korean kimchi can do all the year round, simple material just vegetables, fresh fruit and even seafood can also be used to make kimchi. China's preparation methods is multi-purpose fresh vegetables, if need be, can also add some fruit. In China many people like to pickling, brined vegetable varieties is the most, however, kimchi but often do not eat, because salt up more troublesome, but also need chili. But for some won't making kimchi and liked to eat, or too lazy to make friends, will directly go to the supermarket, and buy already made good eat pickles, save trouble, as well as early adopters. So food packaging is a good material, the packing has been making kimchi in this bag, the smell of kimchi can keep pure. Compared to vacuum packing bag with ordinary bags, has a more superior performance, both to extend the shelf life of products, can also ensure that its taste the same. This is because the bag has a special function. Such as vacuum bag packaging must have very good sealing performance, namely high separation performance of the air and moisture, cut off the components in water, oxygen and carbon dioxide, make the goods in a completely isolated environment protected, this kind of the material of high barrier property for co-extrusion film, has a relatively stable properties, to moisture and oxygen has very good effect. Vacuum bags don't add the harmful material as additive in the manufacture, not damage to the goods, at this point, it is much better than ordinary plastic bags.
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