Vacuum packaging material compound classification

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-04-14
We said, most of the packaging products are composite bags, vacuum bags is no exception, the composite material is generally what kinds of combination of vacuum packing bag? < / p> today we are here said the vacuum bags compound classification: < / p> < / p> 1, the PA/PE, nylon material with PE, flexibility and high sealing performance. < / p> < / p> 2, PA/RCPP material, these two kinds of material of vacuum bags for cooking level of transparent vacuum bags. < / p> < / p> 3, PET/PE material, use PET material rather than nylon, are generally given its cost is low. < / p> < / p> 4, PET/RCPP material, resistant to cooking class transparent vacuum bag, cost is low. < / p> < / p> the above several are two composite vacuum bags, in the life of three composite, four composite used in vacuum packaging. So how are they compound? < / p> < / p> 1, PET/PA/PE material, transparent three composite vacuum bag, high flexibility, high cost. < / p> < / p> 2, PET/AL/RCPP is qualitative, opaque three compound bag, vacuum low flexibility, have qualitative feeling composite aluminum foil layer, the high cost. < / p> < / p> 3, PA/AL/RCPP is qualitative, not transparent vacuum bags, choose rather than PET film, nylon membrane increased the flexibility of the bag, not easy to damage, the cost of higher than 2 classes. < / p> < / p> 4, PET/PA/AL/RCPP material, four composite vacuum packaging on the market are not many, many have special requirements for the packing of the products. Belongs to the highest level of vacuum packaging. < / p>
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