Water Vapor Permeation Testing Of Ultra-barriers

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-06-15
A major hurdle for the introduction of flexible OLED's into the commercial market is the limited lifetime of the devices due primarily to the degradation in the presence of moisture and oxygen. Permeation barriers are required to minimize the exposure of the devices to the moisture and oxygen in the atmosphere. A water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) value of 1 x 10^(-6) g/m2/day has become the unofficial standard for the OLED industry to achieve a device lifetime of>10,000 hours. This value was originally estimated by calculating the amount of oxygen and water needed to degrade the reactive cathode. Obviously an impediment is the development of these barrier materials, however, a concurrent problem is a WVTR method to measure these materials as they are developed. Advancements in barrier quality of certain materials have pushed the sensitivity limits of commercially available water vapor permeation equipment. In order for products such as OLED's which incorporate these high barrier materials, to be viable, current permeation testing methods must be enhanced or altered. In designing a more sensitive method, the limitations of the current methods were first studied. From there, enhancements and modifications to the traditional comparative or concentration sensor produced an order of magnitude increase in sensitivity (from 5x10^(-3) to 5x10^(-4) g/(m^2xday.) Permeation results illustrating the new system will be presented as the highlight of the paper. Limitations found in the current methods, alterations made to a traditional system and insight into future modifications that will increase the sensitivity even further will also be included. Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd adopted advanced technology in its water vapor transmission rate testing system (W3/330 and W3/230) which could be used detect the WVTR precisely and guarantee the quality of flexible OLED meet with standards and help manufacturers and researchers to improve the life time of OLED. For more information about the instruments, please visit http://www.labthink.cn or send yourenquiriestotrade5@labthink.cn or you can directly talk to marketing specialist on MSN:labthink@msn.cn Labthink, focusing on the laboratory testing instruments R&D and production and laboratory IT services, is dedicated to provide professional quality control solutions for customers in packaging, food, pharmaceutical, medical, daily chemistry, printing, adhesive, automotive, petrochemistry, bioscience, construction, new energy and other industries. Labthink is an international enterprise headquartered inJinan,Chinawith administrative, sales and service branches inShanghai,Guangzhou,Brusselsand etc.,covering over 40 countries and regions.
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