What are applications of bottom gusseted poly bags produced by Nanxin Print & Packagin?
The bottom gusseted poly bags manufactured by Guangdong Nanxin Print & Packaging Co., Ltd. is widely used now, mainly based on the market situation and the functional characteristics. This kind of product has such properties as guaranteed durability, reliability, and long service life combining all the superior properties of high-quality raw materials. This directly contributes to its popularity and wide acceptance among a diverse range of industries. On the product details page of our official website, the product properties and its application areas are explained in a detailed way.

Nanxin is of the premium level in cup sealing film business. The pouch packaging series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The raw materials of Nanxin stand up pouch are extracted with the help of various technology. The advanced digging technology and the environmental control systems for managing airflow, water flow, and temperature guide the whole preliminary process. The thickened material protects against external puncture. This product enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively, which will directly contribute to an increase in overall productivity. It is a mainstream packaging method for its excellent display effect.

We aim to enhance our overall competitiveness through product innovation. We will adopt international advanced manufacturing technologies and facilities as a strong backup force for our R&D team.
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