What are main products for Nanxin Print & Packagin to export?
Guangdong Nanxin Print & Packaging Co., Ltd. hopes all our products are qualified to be exported. We will evaluate your market and try our best to modify the specification of liquid pouch with spout to meet the standard of your country or region. To be successful in marketing products in international markets, We achieve flexibility to make our products achieve some level of adaptation and localization. These products designed to be exported have adapted in a number of ways to meet the requirements of a new market.

After its establishment, the reputation of the Nanxin brand has risen rapidly. The flexible food packaging series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Nanxin gusset bag is extracted under highly scientific methods. It will go through the gravity separation process, floatation process, magnetic separation process, or chemical separation and purification. Made of laminated composite material, it has good sealing performance. The product has many festures. Useing unique modern technology and synthetic materials, it features dust-, water- and fog- resistant. This product has good oxygen and moisture proof capacity.

Sustainability continues to play a key part in our operation. We adopt an efficient process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, solid landfill waste, and water consumption.
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