What are raw materials for flexible food packaging production?
As an important part of manufacturing flexible food packaging , high quality raw material selection is critical to producers. In addition, raw materials largely determine the cost of the product, which is an important factor for the buyer to consider. The quality of raw materials should be highly valued. This is to strengthen its quality.

Nanxin now has become an internationally famous brand in the field of manufacturing flat bottom bag. The pouch packaging series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The mold design and the making of Nanxin spout pouch adopt the CNC machining technique, including drilling, tapping, chamfering, milling, and other machinings. Patterns, colors, and logos can be customized and printed on the product. The product will not shrink after repeated washings, which would make it difficult to fit onto the mattress over time. The thickened material protects against external puncture.

Regarding the efforts in promoting sustainability, we have made a lot. We introduce energy-saving production and working machines, utilizing resources fully, and cutting down wastes.
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