What are the differences in heat sealing properties of commonly used heat sealing materials?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-08

heat sealing materials are mainly PE and CPP. Different packaging on the material of the heat sealing performance requirements are different, in general, frozen products should avoid the use of CPP, heat sealing layer is best with LLDPE or mPE modified LDPE.

low temperature heat sealing material: IO> mPE> C8LLD> EVA> C6LLD> C4LLD> LDPE.

thermal viscosity: mPE> C8LLD> EVA> C6LLD> C4LLD> LDPE.

Heat Seal Strength: EAA> mPE> C8LLD> C6LLD> LDPE> EVA> C4LLD> CPP.

Anti-fouling heat sealing: IO> EAA> EVA> mPE> C8LLD> C6LLD. In addition, C4LLD, LDPE, HDPE and CPP can almost be said to have no anti-pollution heat seal.

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