What Common Food Ingredient Causes Diabetes in

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-06-05
Food labels and nutrition information are great features that the FDA mandated for food packaging a few years back. It gives the power back to the consumer to make healthy choices and purchase foods that can improve their diet and thus health. Food labels have also provided much needed insight into good health as well as helping people avoid harmful foods while selecting foods that can help lower glucose levels. Do not be fooled. While the nutrition information on food labels gives a wealth of helpful information to the consumer, one has to know exactly what each ingredient means and how to translate this into your daily diet choices. Consuming less unhealthy refined sugary foods can help lower glucose levels if you have blood sugar issues. Have you ever heard of alloxan? Alloxan is a byproduct produced from the bleaching of white flour. Studies clearly demonstrate that alloxan destroys the beta cells of the pancreas. Scientists have known about the connection between alloxan and blood sugar issues for many years. In fact, researchers who study glucose metabolism commonly utilize alloxan to induce unhealthy levels of insulin in lab animals, causing the opposite of healthy lower glucose levels in these animals. In fact their blood sugar levels begin to spike very quickly after alloxan induced diabetes. This being said, what is the alloxan-laden food people should avoid? White bread! Please think twice before eating your next sandwich on white bread. Instead, choose sprouted, whole grain, spelt or brown rice bread (the type available from any grocery store). Or at the very least, you should order whole grain bread, which can promote lower glucose levels, when eating out. As described above, Alloxan and white bread can negatively affect your glucose metabolism. Any person concerned with maintaining lower glucose levels knows that it is critical to keep away from foods that can spike glucose levels. Most people are not aware of the potentially dangerous connection between white bread and alloxan. The FDA is told by the food industry that there are many more people who eat white bread and white flour than there are individuals who have blood sugar issues. This is true, but it does not change the white flour alloxan connection to high normal blood sugar. Consider yourself warned now!
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