What is the real aluminum bag?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-05-06
In this first warn broad customer, aluminum foil bag and aluminum plating film bag is not the same kinds of packaging products, hope don't confuse. Lu: su composite bag is a collection of all kinds of packaging products, packaging the advantage of low cost, beautifully printed. The product has: anti-static, uv protection, moisture-proof insulation oxygen shading, hardy oil resistant high temperature resistant, fresh oxygen insulation sealing strong sexual characteristics. Lu: su composite bag types: 1. According to the material structure can be divided into: pure aluminium compound bag, aluminium compound bag two ( Including aluminum composite paper bag) Pure aluminium compound bag, opp/al/PE; Pet/al/PE, etc. Aluminized composite bag: petmpet/PE; Vmpetp, etc. 2. According to the function can be divided into: anti-static shielding bags electronics, uv cosmetic product packaging bags, etc. 3. According to the process structure can be divided into: two layer composite, three layer composite and four composite material structure can be combination according to customer requirements. Two layers of compound: oppmpet; Vmpet/PE, etc. , More kind of structure is often used in the toy packaging) ; Oppmcpp etc. , ( Often used in biscuit packaging) ; Three layer composite: matoppmpet/PE; Oppmpet/PE, etc. , Often used to mask bag) ; Petmpet/PE, etc. , Commonly used in shampoo water bag) Four layer composite: pet/nympet/PE and so on, generally add nylon membrane, to increase the softness of compound bag. 4. According to the bag type can be divided into: three edge sealing; Self-supporting bag; Independent suction nozzle bag; Alien self-reliance bags, boxes bags, special bags etc. Lu: su composite bag product characteristics: high flatness, printing color bright, can be equipped with zipper, local matte, hot stamping, etc. The special process. Unique design, new printing technology, outstanding graphic design and brand effect, can design special trademark or design, have very good anti-counterfeit effect. More outstanding product high grade and different shelves effect. Lu: su composite bag features products: vacuum aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil bag, Yin and Yang, electrostatic shielding bag, mesh electrostatic bag, antivibration electrostatic bag, static electroplating aluminum bag and all kinds of cosmetic, industrial with the tag; Applied to the industrial packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, medicine, health, electronics, aerospace, science and technology, military and other fields.
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