What standards are followed during bubble tea sealing film production?
Each procedure in the manufacture of bubble tea sealing film must comply with the appropriate production standards. Standard and production quality tests are often rigorous and controlled in their own production. Production standardization helps manufacturers quantify their productivity.

Nanxin focuses on the production of stand up pouch to create value for customers. The laminated film for food packaging series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The raw materials of Nanxin gusset bag are treated with several procedures. Materials enrichment, refining, and smelt process will be conducted to make the materials into a product with high purity. Made of food-grade material, it is safe and hygienic to pack food. This kind of product adopts advanced technology and a new type of material with the function of abrasion resistance and strong impact resistance. Its remarkable good heat sealing capacity prevents against liquid leakage.

We make ourselves comply with the rules and regulations of each country in which we operate. We make our products to meet relevant standards in specific countries.
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