Who are main customers to Nanxin?
Nanxin is mainly aimed at foreign markets where the downstream companies may use it to do further manufacturing. This brand positioned as a product of high quality and reasonable price. This is a basis for customer selection. Premium marketed products may be developed under Nanxin and the corresponding clients may be sought.

Guangdong Nanxin Print & Packaging Co., Ltd. has the advantage of production professional stand up pouch. The flat bottom bag series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The ability to stay cool and dry is one of the key properties of this product. It allows moisture to evaporate quickly, rather than allowing it to remain inside it. This product has good oxygen and moisture proof capacity. Using this product makes many dangerous and heavy-load works be done easily. This also helps relieve workers' stress and workload. The product is widely used in food packaging industry.

Our company concerns very much about our environment. All of our production processes have been strict in accordance with the ISO14001 Environmental Management standard.
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