Why do food packaging need high barrier materials?

by:Nanxin Print & Packaging     2020-03-05

There are many reasons that cause food, medicine and other items to deteriorate and affect the storage period of food, medicine and other items, but from the perspective of packaging alone, the main reasons are:

1. The growth and reproduction of bacteria are the first main reason for food spoilage, and the existence of oxygen and its concentration are the necessary conditions for bacteria to survive and reproduce (Except anaerobic bacteria).

2. The oxidation and deterioration of oil and other ingredients in food is 'ha', which is another major reason for food spoilage.

3. The loss of the original flavor of food, the leakage of external peculiar smell into food and the deterioration of food are also the common causes of food deterioration.

4. The volatilization of moisture in some foods will make the food lose its original flavor. Some foods need to be kept in a dry state. If the moisture outside enters the food, it will help the reproduction of bacteria and accelerate the deterioration of the food or the food will lose its original flavor due to moisture.

5. Some foods also need to block ultraviolet rays. For example, grease will produce acid under light, which will lead to deterioration of commodities and damage of flavor. Sunlight can also change the color of printed matter and food. In addition, sunlight can also promote oil oxidation. Alkaloids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, etc. in drugs also react quickly with oxygen due to the action of light, resulting in various changes such as discoloration and content decrease

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