Will Nanxin Print & Packagin become an OBM in future?
Guangdong Nanxin Print & Packaging Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of OBM of quality automatic packaging roll film for food . We source the highest quality products for the market. Every stage from design, production, and renovation to final scheduling is performed by a highly trained team of professionals with decades of experience. Produced in accordance with standardized production practices and methods, our products perform well in all aspects.

Nanxin is great at incorporating designing, manufacturing and promotion of spout pouch. The spout pouch series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The unique weaving process of this product results in a dense fabric having thin strands and a smooth texture more durable and softer than normal bedding. Its bright color and photorealistic graphics help attract consumers' attention. Because the product can greatly increase productivity, increases manufacturers' flexibility by letting them add and subtract contract workers. Its good sealing effect can retain the beneficial effects of food processing.

To fulfill the commitment to protecting the environment, we spare no efforts to cut energy waste and conserve resources in all our operational activities.
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